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Your Wifi, your brand.

Customize your customer's experience. Each wifi login will show them content from your brand or collect important information for your business.

Made for Marketers and Bussiness owners

Private notes, internal messages help your team work together.

Advanced Analytics

Just the key metrics for better insights presented in a clean & exportable format.

Tailored Campaigns

Speed up your workflow by saving answers to frequently asked questions.


Integrate major access point brands.

Design your Portal

You decide what your customer needs to do to use your business Wifi. Surveys, ads, rating... you name it.  

Compatible with your infrastructure

You can use your current infrasturcture. Find out if it is compatible or we can help you make it work.

50+ Integrations

Enrich customer data on your CRM, create instant campaigns and setup your post-visit interactions. 

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"I was using gmail for years and as my businesses scaled, support became unmanageable. Transitioning to HelpDesk brought order to chaos and made things efficient."

Shane Watson

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"All the features you need and none you don’t. The simplicity of the tool, helped us become more productive and our customer satisfaction rates skyrocketed"

Shane Watson

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